Xuzhou Pleasant Arts Flower Co., LTD. is one of the leading experienced
manufacturers in China, specializing production of
artificial plants, trees, flowers, leaves etc.

Leading Artificial Plants & Flowers Suppliers in China

As one of the top Artificial Plants & Flowers Suppliers in China, we offer fake plants that are not only maintenance-free but are also versatile in display and full of life. We offer our plants with the set consists of small potted plants along with the large potted plant. The large pot comprises different small succulent plants. The pots and stones are glued firmly together and the stain will remain away from your table.
As one of the unique artificial plants & flowers suppliers in China, we present small and cute-looking plants and flowers that go with different decors. These are ideal for the balcony, office, bedroom, living room, bookshelf, kitchen, counter, desk, or any other area where you want to add vibrancy.
Our plants and flowers are 10 on 10 on the scale of being maintenance-free. To remain competitive among other best Artificial Plants & Flowers Suppliers in China, we manufacture our plants and flowers in a way maintenance time and cost remain reduced that are otherwise associated with the natural ones.
If you are among plant lovers, these fake plants are ideal for you. As these artificial plants do not require regular sunlight, watering and a simple wipe-off along with a damp cloth are enough to keep them beautiful, bright, and desirable for succulent planters or those who love plants but want to stay away from looking after them. Thus, it is a gift that your family and friends would love.

China Best Artificial Plants Supplier and Artificial Plants Manufacturers

Your search for artificial plants manufacturers is done as you have landed at the apt place for artificial China plants. Pleasant has always been the top-notch producer of fake flowers and leaves in China. From small to large retail stores, we can cater to everyone.
As China best artificial plants supplier, we offer our products with a balance of quality and affordability. We make sure we comply with every quality standard and present the following benefits to businesses’ buyers or end-users:
Premium Flower Material The realistic fake roses are made of soft high-quality latex foam, and they not only have the beautiful appearance of fresh flowers, but they also last longer. They remain as lovely as the day you bought them, which separates us from other so-called artificial plants manufacturers.
Range of Uses Our artificial flowers are ideal for decorating bouquets, kissing balls, centerpieces, cake flowers boutonnieres, or any other flower centerpieces and arrangements that your clients want at their baby shower, wedding, party, or home. Our range is our unique selling proposition as China best artificial plants supplier.
The Best DIY Flowers Our flowers have long flexible wire stems that make the fake flowers very easy to work with. Your users can easily cut, bent, or pull out as per their needs. If you are finding bulk DIY artificial plants manufacturers, we are the one.
We know no boundaries with respect to customer care. We remain in touch as a responsible China best artificial plants supplier to support our clients whenever they need our help. So, come to us and make a lasting business relationship.

China Best Artificial Plants Supplier and Artificial Plants Manufacturers

Your search for artificial plants manufacturers is done as you have landed at the apt place for artificial China plants. Pleasant has always been the top-notch producer of fake flowers and leaves in China. From small to large retail stores, we can cater to everyone.

Best China Artificial Flowers Manufacturers

Pleasant has been the favorite of small-scale flower businesses as they prefer us over other China artificial flowers manufacturers due to our quality and affordability. We make sure to manufacture flawless fake flowers to please your clients and end-users.
We are your best bet among all artificial flowers manufacturers. Why? Due to the below-mentioned reasons:
You can tell your clients to decorate their porch, veranda, drawing or bedroom, and yard in a classy and eye-catching way. They can hang our fake flowers on the wall and window. Unlike other China artificial flowers manufacturers, our products are ideal for kitchen, home, dining table, garden, office, fence wall, and wedding decoration.
Tell your customers about our flawless material. To remain competitive with other Chinese Artificial flowers manufacturers, we use silk along with plastic injection. Our product is manufactured with environmental and healthy materials that are not easy to fall or fade. WE inject stem with steel wire inside, which are easy to bend and adjust as needed.
Easy Storage and cleanliness set Pleasant apart from the rest of artificial flowers manufacturers. Our artificial flowers are UV resistant and high temperature. Always recommend your buyers to clean the flowers regularly with the cold wind through a hair dryer. Also, suggest they insert a vase or outdoor arrangements for better decoration.
Your attention is now needed here…
The flowers may get squeezed together after you receive them. So, kindly understand this is a normal happening because of transportation. We still stand on our claim that we are among the best China artificial flowers manufacturers.
Quality Artificial leaves suppliers in China Pleasant is seen as one of the sought-after artificial leaves suppliers for some good reasons. We make sure the businesses that are interested to work with us get the best products for their clients.

Why Your Clients Would Love Our Artificial Leaves

With life-like and pretty blooms foliage bursting out of the wall and basket, our artificial leaves are not the products to be missed. As one of the professional artificial leaves suppliers, we let your customers feel themselves being in nature and save their room space
Our artificial leaves are an ideal addition to your clients’ windowsills and flower boxes. Our leaves will inject colors where it is missing and our fake leaves do not need any type of special care. Imagine delivering the leaves that the clients are simply loving and giving you the testimonials that you always look for!
Your clients can hang on the swings, mirrors, walls, doors, and anywhere they like to enjoy with artificial flowers hanging. Leaves on artificial hanging plants make watchers awestruck for the home decors and on decoration projects.
Catering to wedding decoration clients? You need pleasant, and it is as simple as that! Create the atmosphere your buyers are looking for and we are among those artificial leaves suppliers that love to make wedding functions memorable.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and get your desired artificial leaves and flowers at affordable rates.

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Few words about us

Our Company is located in Pizhou Jiangsu, here we enjoy very convenient transportation, Europe-Asia Land Bridge & several high express cross our city.

Our company was founded in 2008, occupying total area of 8000 square meters, the workshop is 5000 square meters. We have 3 lines producing some of semi-finished products, they can be used to assemble by ourselves.

There are 112 people working in our factory, 12 technicians among them, all the workers are well trained. Our products are widely used in festival, party, wedding and home decoration etc.

We can also produce as per customers’ requirements. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing social and economic desires.

Our quality control procedures are very strict, ensuring that the products are non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, most of our products have reached to international standards.