Xuzhou Pleasant Arts Flower Co., LTD. is one of the leading experienced
manufacturers in China, specializing production of
artificial plants, trees, flowers, leaves etc.

High-Quality Artificial Plants & Flowers Suppliers

Xuzhou Pleasant Arts Flower Co., Limited is among the qualified and professional artificial plants manufacturers in China. We are an artificial plant brand that is committed to making & exporting artificial plants, trees, green walls, and decorations. Founded a decade ago, we have progressed from a small shop to a major player in the Chinese artificial plant industry.
We are China best artificial plants supplier having our manufacturing facility with more than 100 workers, located at Pizhou, Jiangsu China.

Technology Driven Artificial Plants & Flowers Suppliers

We fully understand how vital technology is for producing durable and lifelike artificial green products. Being one of the top artificial plants & flowers suppliers, our flowers and trees stand extreme tear and wear and are rigid.
Combining skilled workers and streamlined workshops, we can manufacture artificial plants that are second-to-none. To be one of the top Chinese artificial plants manufacturers, we have a strong and robust production capacity and prompt delivery.

Why Choose Pleasant as Your Artificial Plants Supplier

We have the required and standardized state-of-the-art machinery. Like other Chinese artificial flowers manufacturers, we have the ecosystem of the artificial plant that can be shown perfectly. Pleasant is a dedicated artificial company for designing, manufacturing, and developing artificial trees and plants for over ten years. We have the top team of landscape design and artificial plant product development.
We believe and continue to research, innovate, and develop artificial plants so that we have artificial product systems to compete. Artificial plants offered by Pleasant have different features of multiple kinds. We offer exquisite workmanship and unique design, which makes us a reliable and great china best artificial plants supplier for you.

Eco-friendly China Artificial Flowers Manufacturers

We use colorants and raw materials of the highest quality. Similarly, there are no harmful additives in it. Artificial plants that we offer have the benefits of being environment-friendly, odorless, natural, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, mildew-proof, and non-flammable. It makes artificial plants harmless to people and the environment.
As artificial leaves suppliers, our artificial leaves and plants influence the interior decoration of your space. The trees and plants are inserted to make the room alluring and more beautiful.
You can use our plants to fabricate a nice balance between nature and regular city life. Replicas of the trees and natural plants are used to renovate even the scruffy corner of the house. You can use them to make the place slightly more refreshing and lively.
Also, you get to freshen and treat your eyes with replicas of nature. Other China artificial flowers manufacturers ensure that they manufacture flowers, leaves, and plants of different sizes and shapes.

Why People Prefer Us

Customers prefer us to buy artificial flowers and plants because we add more vibrancy to their rooms. As artificial leaves suppliers, we use plants and flowers that make the overall look of a room peppier.
People like to place trees and plants in different corners of the room to decorate the place and make it look beautiful. After all, the colorful plants and flowers make the space more attractive.
Similarly, our artificial flowers and plants are durable and special, the ones structured using EVA. All artificial plant manufacturers are always using EVA to make the plants and flowers. EVA uses a strong material thus, it is preferred more by the artificial leaves manufacturers these days.
Years of manufacturing knowledge and expertise of our teams in handling multiple polymers offer countless options to match your requirements. We can develop new products aimed at the fast-track growth sectors. In this process, we can build the economy of scales and the cost-efficiencies that come along with it.

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Few words about us

Our Company is located in Pizhou Jiangsu, here we enjoy very convenient transportation, Europe-Asia Land Bridge & several high express cross our city.

Our company was founded in 2008, occupying total area of 8000 square meters, the workshop is 5000 square meters. We have 3 lines producing some of semi-finished products, they can be used to assemble by ourselves.

There are 112 people working in our factory, 12 technicians among them, all the workers are well trained. Our products are widely used in festival, party, wedding and home decoration etc.

We can also produce as per customers’ requirements. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing social and economic desires.

Our quality control procedures are very strict, ensuring that the products are non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, most of our products have reached to international standards.